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Star Wars The Force Awakens Full Spoiler Review | Episode 7

Here after many technical difficulties is my Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens Full Spoiler Review. I go through Star Wars The Force Awakens play by play and then take the light side and go over things I loved as well as turn to the dark side and talk about the moments I didn’t like as well. Let me know what you thought as well in the comments below. Discuss!

Superman V Batman Comic Con 2015 Trailer Review / Breakdown

Superman V Batman Comic Con 2015 Trailer Review / Breakdown. Lex Luthor uses his evil genius to drive a wedge between the people and Clark Kent / Superman as Bruce Wayne / Batman seeks revenge for the death of a friend. All while Wonder Woman steps in to break it up while they form the Justice League. May contain spoilers, but otherwise just speculation. Discuss!


Jurassic World Review / Recap – Chris Pratt Trains Raptors ?

Here I review / recap Jurassic World. They just couldn’t understand that opening a park with real killing machines has yet to turn out to be a good idea. Never the less, since dinosaurs are now boring, a new genetically engineered breed is created to gain the publics attention. When it escapes, hell breaks loose in this 1993…err 2015 classic.