Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 – FIXED!

James and I finally revisit Game Of Thrones Season 8! We’re gonna fix it! We start here with Game Of Thrones Season 8 episode 1 “Winterfell” and will go through all of season 8. Here is what we believe to be a better final season of Game Of Thrones. Hope You enjoy! Video on YouTube! Sub here >

We All Need A Hobby! – Podcast Episode 25

This week James and Chris talk about hobbies. As usual this gets into a lot more. Learn a bit more about us and maybe yourself as we talk about our hobbies past ,present and future. We talk about collecting, martial arts, golf, gold prospecting, geocaching, camping, and more! What hobbies have you done or what hobby do you have now? Subscribe on YouTube!

Dear Kobe…

A tough one this week. We dedicated our 24th episode to talk the late great Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna (Gigi) Bryant. This is not about basketball but how he touched so many and how hopefully something positive can come from this tragedy. Subscribe on YouTube, we added video this week!

Michael Jordan – How He Helped Shape A Generation – Episode 23

This week we have a special and quite personal podcast. Being our 23rd episode we decided to talk Michael Jordan. This is not just a sports podcast, but a glimpse at my childhood, my philosophy and how MJ helped shape me and so many others. James pulled a lot out of me here and we go way beyond talking sports and basketball. This one is dedicated to my childhood hero. We hope you enjoy the Smokescreen Podcast. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, SoundCloud and Spotify! Please like, share, and subscribe on YouTube!

So We About Got Arrested Geocaching…

So we about got arrested as we got into geocaching. Maybe my new favorite hobby. James and I went on a little adventure and wanted to talk about it. Geocaching is essentially treasure hunting in the real world using an app from . We had to experience geocaching before we spoke on it. Well, we did… Subscribe on YouTube!

Abducted In Plain Sight – True Crime

This week we go into the Netflix Documentary “Abducted In Plain Sight“. This is a crazy (horrible) yet fascinating story where a young girl is literally taken from her family, almost with their permission. Listen as we take a deep dive and dissect this insane story. Let us know what you think and subscribe on YouTube!

Unnatural Selection – Questions on Biohacking

Here we discuss the new Netflix documentary “Unnatural Selection” where they cover the complicated moral questions of biohacking. Genetic engineering of people, animals or food has its perks, but certainly a slippery slope of ethics. How could it affect our future and the environment? Subscribe to SmokeScreen!

Gulity Pleasures – Episode 19 feat. Because Geek

This week Chris and James are joined by Val from Because Geek as we discuss our guilty pleasures. From music to food, to weird personal routines we have a good time talking those small things in life that are fun that most would be embarrassed about. What are your guilty pleasures? Tell us and Subscribe on YouTube!

I Love You, Now Die – HBO Documentary

This week we talk the tragic story of the new HBO Documentary “I Love You, Now Die”. A tragic story with twists and implications outside of the story itself. Mental health plays a big role here, and a slippery slope when it comes to words being against the law. Subscribe to SmokeScreen!

Remembering 9/11 – Never Forget With Special Guest!

A special episode with a special guest remembering 9/11 and telling our individual stories! #NeverForget Subscribe to SmokeScreen! Get your FREE Audible trial here!