Convicting A Murderer – Is Steven Avery Actually Guilty?

Subscribe to the main channel for the full episodes:    / @smokescreenvids   This week we are discussing Convicting a Murderer, the true crime docuseries by Candace Owens and The Daily Wire which covers Making a Murderer, the Netflix true crime series that took the world by storm when Steven Avery was convicted of murder after being exonerated on false charges before. Here we discuss Convicting A Murderer episodes 1-5 which paint a different narrative that Making a Murderer did not. Have you seen it, have you changed your mind? Is Steven Avery actually guilty? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe!

Heist Netflix Docuseries – Sex Magick Money Murder | The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 53

The new Netflix Docuseries Heist covers multiple true crime stories. In this true crime documentary podcast we talk Heist, the first story called Sex Magick Money Murder where a couple steals over 3 million dollars from an armored truck…and gets away with it. Subscribe!

Was the Moon Landing Faked? | The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 52

This week we discuss the now eternal question, was the moon landing faked. Some think it was an elaborate conspiracy and that landing on the moon was a hoax. More than 50 years later, conspiracy theories still abound that the moon landing was a hoax. Lets talk about it. Subscribe!

Making A Murderer Huge Update And More True Crime.

HUGE Making A Murderer Update! – True Crime Podcast And More! This week we talk a huge update on the Making A Murderer Documentary. Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey could go free. We also discuss a couple more true crime documentaries, This is a Robbery on Netflix as well as Why Did You Kill Me? Both on Netflix. We hope you enjoy The SmokeScreen Podcast! Please like, share, and subscribe to the new podcast channel!

Catching Up – The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 50

This week we just catch up as well as talk random things. We hope you enjoy The SmokeScreen Podcast! Please like, share, and subscribe! See us on YouTube!

Game Of Thrones Community Part 2 Feat. Mizuma – The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 49

Part 2 of questions from the Game Of Thrones community. Mizuma joins us asking us questions he collected from the Game Of Thrones Community. He secretly collected questions of all kinds which spawns some good conversation about pop culture, personal lives and just about anything. We hope you enjoy The SmokeScreen Podcast! Please like, share, and subscribe!