Too Much Information! The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 77 – Impromptu Live Stream!

The SmokeScreen Podcast Live!
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Are Ghosts Real? Plus, A New Ghost Encounter! The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 63

This week we are discussing ghosts! Are ghosts real? James also has a new ghost story where his daughter recently experienced something. We had talked about this topic years ago here: where James told his first ghost story. What do you think, have you had a ghost experience? Are ghosts or the paranormal real? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe!

We Have Questions! The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 57

This week we are asking questions to each other which lead to interesting discussions. Anything goes as we answer some questions and discuss The Mandela Effect, Pet Peeves, Marvel How Villains are cool, and more! Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe on YouTube:

Game Of Thrones Community Q&A Feat. Special Guest Part 1

This week we have a special guest asking us questions he collected from the Game Of Thrones Community. Special guest and long time supporter Mizuma joins us for part one of this almost 4 hour discussion. He secretly collected questions of all kinds which spawns some good conversation about pop culture, personal lives and just about anything. We hope you enjoy The SmokeScreen Podcast! Please like, share, and subscribe!

Story Time! Reading Insane Facebook Posts!

SmokeScreen · Story Time! Reading Insane Facebook Posts! Internet Gold Comedy!

Story Time! This week we do something a bit different and read some insane Facebook posts. We know a person who posts the most outlandish things and then replies to herself. She makes ridiculous claims such as being the real creator of Facebook, being a secret agent as well as a model and rock star. Is this person crazy or just a liar? We hope you enjoy the SmokeScreen podcast. Please like, share, and subscribe!

Tiger King Netflix Update – NEW Tiger King Episode 8 Review

Tiger King on Netflix is the craziest documentaries we have ever seen. Here we talk the new Tiger King episode “The Tiger King And I” which ended up being a dud. We still think the tiger king Joe Exotic and how he may have been right about Carole Baskin. New evidence not included in tiger king that points to her having something to do with the disappearance of her husband Don Lewis. Ultimately Tiger King exposes the issue about endangered species, and the exotic animal trade and we discuss it all in this Tiger King podcast. Tiger King is a train wreck and no one wins. We hope you enjoy the Smokescreen Podcast. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Soundcloud and Spotify! Please like, share, and subscribe on YouTube!

Game Of Thrones Parody – Meet The Starks!

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Welcome back for a new style of Game of Thrones parody video!Now that game of thrones season 8 has ended, we continue the comedy sketch skit series exploring what Game Of Thrones would look like if rednecks were in Westeros. Here the Southern Starks in the first few scenes of Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 1 Winter is Coming. While work on the next batch of parody shorts, let me know if you like these put together like an actual episode. Game Of Thrones season 8 disappointed a lot of us, all we can do is laugh before the Game Of Thrones prequel, Blood moon comes out! Please like, share, comment and subscribe!