Star Wars The Force Awakens – History of the Jedi Part 2

Here is part 2 of Jedi history from our beloved Star Wars universe. With Star Wars The Force Awakens almost here, find out how our lightsiders got their start. In this part I recap Jedi history part 1 as well as hit these main points:

25,793 BBY – The Force Wars of Tython
25,783 BBY – Jedi Order Founded
24,500 BBY – The First Great Schism
7,000 BBY – The Second Great Schism and 100 Year Darkness
6,900 BBY – The 100 Year Darkness Ends, Dark Jedi Exiled
4,250 BBY – The Third Great Schism
2,000 BBY – Jedi Master Phanius leaves the Jedi Order to become Darth Ruin to Start New Sith Wars
896 BBY – Yoda is born

History of The Jedi Part 1:

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens History of The Jedi Part 1

Here is the long awaited and much requested Star Wars History of the Jedi – Part 1 of 2. I discuss the origin of the Jedi order in regards to the most important parts of the Star Wars timeline that lead to our “current day” Jedi order as follows:

100,000 BBY – The Ancient Kwa Species with Hyper gate Technology meet the Rakata.

36,453 BBY – The Tho Yor Ships Journey to the Planet Tython picking up force sensitives on the way. This leads to the foundation of the Jed’aii order.

36,019 BBY – First Jed’aii Academy is founded.

35,000 BBY – The Rakata powerd by the Dark Side establish the Infinite Empire.

25,805 BBY – The Jed’aii face their first conflict in the Despot Wars.

25,817 BBY – The Force Hound crashes on Tython with the technology that would lead to light sabers.

25,793 BBY – The Rakatan infinite Empire invades Tython which sparks a division between the Jed’aii themselves.

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History of the Sith: