Abducted In Plain Sight – True Crime

This week we go into the Netflix Documentary “Abducted In Plain Sight“. This is a crazy (horrible) yet fascinating story where a young girl is literally taken from her family, almost with their permission. Listen as we take a deep dive and dissect this insane story. Let us know what you think and subscribe on YouTube! http://tinyurl.com/o93l5gn

The Witcher Final Trailer Reaction

The Witcher on Netflix starts in December. The final trailer for The Witcher season 1 is out. Before The Witcher starts, for those unfamiliar with the books or video games here is The Witcher trailer reaction and breakdown on why Geralt of Rivia is called the “Butcher Of Blaviken“. We will cover this show and currently streaming the Witcher 3 on Twitch! Please like, share, comment and subscribe! http://tinyurl.com/o93l5gn