The Secret: A Treasure Hunt And The Treasure Of Forrest Fenn

This week we talk the adventure of treasure hunts. We specifically talk about the book “The Secret: A Treasure Hunt” as well as The treasure of Forrest Fenn featured in his book “The Thrill Of The Chase” where he hid millions in gold, artifacts and gems, There is something almost primal about the call of adventure and specifically solving puzzles and riddles to discover treasure. X marks the spot is ingrained in our culture and beckons us to go on an adventure and find the hidden treasure. We hope you enjoy the SmokeScreen Podcast! See us on YouTube!

UNDERWORLD Lore – Alexander Corvinus Virus Explained!

Underworld Origins! The Corvinus virus was responsible for creating the immortals and the two immortal off-shoots, the vampires and the Lycans. The Corvinus Virus was the parent strain of the vampire and lycan viruses within the blood of Alexander Corvinus. The Father of William and Marcus Corvinus who became the first vampire and werewolf. Viktor tried to alter history but truth prevailed. Underworld made this Gothic mythology popular again when Kate Beckinsale brought the vampire Selene to life.Thanks for watching! Please like, share, comment and subscribe!