Is Bigfoot Real? And James Is An Alien.

This week we talk Bigfoot or Sasquatch, yeti, so many names. Is Bigfoot real or not? Its an ongoing mystery and it seems we may not ever get an answer. Either way its an interesting discussion and certainly a possibility despite the lack of real evidence. We hope you enjoy the Smokescreen Podcast. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Soundcloud and Spotify! Please like, share, and subscribe!

Is Bigfoot Real? Are Bigfoot Sightings Caught On Tape A Hoax? (Feat. Chad)

A little something different for this channel, but fun to do. Here Chad and I discuss Bigfoot, yes the ever elusive Sasquatch. Inspired the TV Shows Finding Bigfoot and Survivor man Bigfoot. We have a common sense discussion of sightings, technology and evidence. Are Bigfoot / Sasquatch Sightings real? What do you think? Discuss!