Random Thoughts, Facts and F*cking Shark Attacks! The SmokeScreen Podcast Episode 62

This week we are once again just having a good conversation with random topics that naturally come up. This was a fun one where we talk ghosts, are they real, AI or artificial intelligence and AI art, Is it really art? We also cover ethical dilemmas, collecting things, the risk/reward in everything we do, and yes, shark attacks! Really fun, and funny podcast for you all to enjoy! Watch till the end where we also discuss upcoming episodes of The SmokeScreen Podcast! Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/@SmokeScreenVids Also get 30% off Ewin Racing chairs, use the code “SmokeScreen” https://rb.gy/1iir0 !

Is Bigfoot Real? And James Is An Alien.

This week we talk Bigfoot or Sasquatch, yeti, so many names. Is Bigfoot real or not? Its an ongoing mystery and it seems we may not ever get an answer. Either way its an interesting discussion and certainly a possibility despite the lack of real evidence. We hope you enjoy the Smokescreen Podcast. Also available on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Soundcloud and Spotify! Please like, share, and subscribe! tinyurl.com/o93l5gn